A Good Review for A Good Team!

Unicorn and Yeti Book 2 – A Good Team, is set to release in July and I am thrilled that Kirkus gave it a good review!

“Quintanilla’s colorful, expressive art and Burnell’s infectiously whimsical tone make their own good team.”

Kirkus Reviews

I could not ask for a better team than the one I have a Scholastic Acorn! I do so love this second book in the Unicorn and Yeti Series. Unicorn and Yeti play ball, have a race, figure out how to ice skate, and of course they have some silly and magical fun. You can read the full review here.

Unicorn and Yeti: A Good Team is available for preorder from your favorite book retailer!

A Kirkus Review for Sparkly New Friends!

Woohoo! Unicorn and Yeti received a nice Kirkus review! It’s my first ever so I’m extra excited, and it’s a good one too. My favorite quote: “Sparkly, innocent, feel-good fun for readers needing just a bit of extra support before moving on to chapter books.” Indeed!

I am so looking forward to this book making it out into the world. I love the characters. I love the way Hazel Quintanilla brought Unicorn and Yeti to life with her adorable illustrations. You can read the full review here.

Unicorn and Yeti: Sparkly New Friends will hit the shelves in May 2019. You can preorder it now, of course, from your favorite book retailer!

Announcing Acorn and Unicorn & Yeti!

I’m so excited to share the news! Scholastic is launching a brand new line and my book, UNICORN AND YETI: SPARKLY NEW FRIENDS is part of the launch! I can’t help but be thrilled to have a book publishing not only with Scholastic but alongside amazing author/illustrators Jonathan Fenske, Norm Feuti, and Dav Pilkey. Illustrator Hazel Quintanilla has brought Unicorn and Yeti to life and it’s the perfect match. I just can’t imagine Unicorn and Yeti any other way.

Read the Publisher’s Weekly announcement to learn about this fun and unique new line for early readers!